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Logical Net is proud to provide medium sized enterprises to large corporations with reliable services that scale with your business as it grows. Our knowledgeable and dedicated staff remains fully-trained and current in all technologies.

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Internet Access, ISP Solutions for Business:
Logical Net is pleased to provide your business with reliable internet access for your place of business, secure virtual access for off-site remote access staff, sales and representatives, from their office, home or while traveling. Our 24 hour network monitoring and fully redundant Tier 1 bandwidth enables you to invest your time and energy into your growing business. Choose from one, or a combination of internet access solutions, such as:

Datacenter Web Hosting:
Logical Net's Linux and MS Exchange Server Solutions meet the needs of growing businesses as their off-site web host, or virtual back-up for on-site hosting solutions. Our datacenter offers rack space for your servers as well as a variety of dedicated, virtual private, dedicated and shared server hosting solutions supported by enterprise-level managed server and IT solutions. Our knowledgeable experts can help you select the solution that will best serve your business now. You can have full confidence, whether your hosting and email needs scale up or down, Logical Net can serve your technology needs with:

Hosted VoIP, Email Security & Collaboration:
Logical Net's datacenter enables medium enterprise to large businesses to leverage powerful solutions at a fraction of the cost for on-site licensing. Our corporate clients enjoy improved efficiency, collaboration and cost savings with:

Network Security and Data Management Solutions:
Business assets require security and redundancy that you can rely on. No business ever predicts or expects disaster, but it does happen, every day. The best defense is a well-executed network security and data back-up regime. Logical Net provides enterprise-level solutions and highly professional IT staff to support your business with various levels of service, including:

Whether your business requires a full compliment of services from on-site bandwidth and internet access to off-site virtual data back-up or dial-up for travel or remote location access, Logical Net has prepared a solution to meet the needs of your medium to large business, today and tomorrow.

Businesses of every size appreciate our dedicated professional service quality, pricing and service.

One of Logical Net's highly qualified specialists will help you identify the service most qualified to meet the needs of your business, build a custom package and submit a proposal for your review.

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