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Disaster Recovery FAQs

How to select an IT Network Datacenter Managed Service provider to deliver data backup services and business continuity.

A; While many services encrypt your business data as it traverses the Internet, they may not use encryption when they store your data on their servers. With Logical Net's Data Backup Service, each data file is 128 bit encrypted before it leaves your PC. Your data travels the Internet encrypted and is stored on the backup servers as files containing encrypted data.

A: Most online backup tools were built by expert IT administrators, requiring businesses to have extensive knowledge of Windows to create a backup set. Logical Net's Data Backup Service was designed for use by anyone, without requiring a system administrator.

A: Logical Net's Data Backup Service backs up the entire file only once, if the file changes the software will detect and extracts only the data that has changed. This avoids the need to run backups for hours, rather, full backups can complete in minutes.

A: Logical Net's Online Data Backup Service was designed to be interruptible. If your business connection gets interrupted, the backup will notify you by email of the paused backup. Once online again, the backup will pick up where it left off. You'll never have to worry about an incomplete data backup again.

A: Many companies offer low rates per GB of data stored. What they might not tell you is what they charge you to transfer your data. Meaning, each time you run a backup, additional charges will be added to your "low rate". Logical Net's Online Data Backup Service offers one low, flat rate, no messy calculations of how many bits you've transferred.

A: Other service providers only allow you to access your data files from the PC that backed them up. What if your office is in the eye of a hurricane or burns down? With Logical Net's Online Data Backup Service you can install the software and configure backup sets on as many computers as you need.

A: There are two encryptions being performed by the online backup data manager:

  1. Encryption of backup data - This is being done by 128-bit symmetric key encryption (AES, TripleDES, TwoFish). 128-bit is what is being used by most banks currently.
  2. Encryption of backup traffic - This is being done by 1024 bit RSA public key encryption. The strength of the encryption depends on the key size you use when you generate your CSR before submitting to your CA. 1024 bit is what is being used by most CAs.

A: The data backup manager can backup vital business application data while the application is still running. Logical Net has special agents for MS Exchange Server, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Lotus Notes and mySQL, which allows these applications to be backed up while they are online. The Volume Shadow Copy feature started from backup manager v5.0 enables us to backup other types of applications while they are online.

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