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Microsoft Exchange® Hosted Email FAQs

A: POP3 servers can only manage to emails and not contacts, calendars, or tasks. Your email client will still receive meeting requests or contacts, but should the information change, you won't know. Worse yet, if the data on your PC is lost or damaged, your email, calendar and contacts will be too. By leveraging the power of Logical Net's Hosted Microsoft Exchange®, your data is stored on the secure Exchange server, giving you the convenience of checking your information from any PC.

A: In order to have Microsoft Exchange® hosted with Logical Net, you will need a domain that you own (or at least are able to control the MX records). If you do not own a domain, contact us and we will step you through the process. Once you have a domain, click the Order Microsoft Exchange link and fill in the form. Your order will be processed in 48 business hours, and a representative will contact you to assist in the migration.

A: Outlook will look exactly the way it does without Microsoft Exchange®. Don't have Outlook? As part of our Hosted Exchange Services, we'll provide you a license, giving you the full power of an Exchange server.

A: Out proven process will guide the migrating from your current server (either Microsoft Exchange® or POP) that will ensure you receive all your email.

A: The Microsoft Exchange® Message Center includes a web based Control Panel, providing accessibility from any web browser any time. Administrators can add/remove/edit email users and mailbox size, add/remove email aliases/distribution lists, email forwarding, out of office replies and more.

A: Both SalesForce and Act! have Outlook plug-ins. Any information in Outlook it will be in Microsoft Exchange®.

A: Yes! Just give us a call.

A: The Microsoft Exchange® Message Center a digital certificate to the connection that enables a SSL connection (the same encryption used for online banking) from Outlook to the server.

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