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Microsoft Exchange®

Microsoft Exchange® Hosted Email
Powerful, Secure Hosted Email Software
for Small to Medium Enterprise, SMBs, and Growing Corporations.

Benefit from the same powerful enterprise-class e-mail solution that Fortune 500 companies use at a fraction of the cost and time to implement. Logical Net offers small to medium sized business the ability to license Microsoft Exchange® and scale up or down as the needs of your business dictate, minimizing your financial risk.

Benefits of Hosted Microsoft Exchange®

Leverage this powerful business management tool to promote productivity for your business with;
  • One Email “InBox” manages email, calendaring, voice mail, and faxes.
  • Calendar & Communications - Exchange automatically checks each employee’s calendar to determine the best times for a meeting, sends out email notifications and updates everyone’s calendar.
  • Remote Email Access - Access voice and e-mail messages from PDA or smart phones.
  • Mobile Device Linking, including Blackberry, Treo, and Pocket PC, for automatic wireless synchronization of calendars, contact lists and messages
  • Email Security and privacy – Exchange allows each user to grant different levels of access to calendars and other information. 

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Link email, voice mail, mobile phones, PDAs, faxes, and calendars with Microsoft Exchange®. Proven effective in Fortune 500 and large enterprises, Logical Net offers Hosted Microsoft Exchange® , delivering the same rich set of productivity enhancing tools to small to medium sized enterprises.

For a small monthly fee, Logical Net will upgrade and link each employee’s desk-top email, calendaring, and contact software to the Hosted Microsoft Exchange® in Logical Net’s secure datacenter. Implementation, setup and installation are quick and easy, without requiring significant upfront investments in software, hardware and networking.
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State of the Art Security and Reliability
Hosted Microsoft Exchange® leverages Logical Net’s sophisticated technologies to ensure that your communications remain secure with industry-leading security systems and network monitoring tools.  Logical Net’s Hosted Microsoft Exchange® servers are hosted on our Enterprise-level datacenter with full redundancy, uninterruptible power supplies and back-up generators. Your company’s Exchange data is backed-up daily, or more often if you require.

Easy to Install, Easy to Use

Logical Net’s support and easy-to-use tools enable your company to have Hosted Microsoft Exchange® up and running in a matter of hours.

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