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Small Business Solutions

Logical Net is proud to provide home-based and small businesses with reliable broadband internet access, datacenter enterprise level web hosting services, data back-up and disaster recovery services and hosted VOIP, email security and collaboration software that scale with your business as it grows. Our knowledgeable and dedicated IT staff is fully-trained in all technologies and ready to answer your questions and help you select the services and solutions right for your business.

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Internet Access, ISP Solutions for Home Based and Small Business: Logical Net is pleased to provide your business, no matter how small it is today, or how big it may become, with reliable broad band internet access that can scale as your business grows. In addition to basic dial-up and broadband access, we offer a variety of secure virtual access solutions for off-site remote access for you and your team, from their office, home or while traveling. Our 24 hour network monitoring and fully redundant Tier 1 bandwidth provide peace of mind that small businesses depend upon.

Internet Access for Small Business

Datacenter Web Hosting for Small Business:
Logical Net's Linux and MS Exchange Server Solutions meet the needs of growing businesses as their off-site web host, or virtual back-up for on-site hosting solutions. We provide rack space for your servers, as well as a variety of shared and dedicated, virtual and managed server solutions. You can select the solution that serves your business now with confidence that as your needs grow, Logical Net will be continue to meet your needs with solutions such as:

Network Security, Data Management & IT Managed Services for Small Business:
Small businesses often underestimate the risk of NOT having adequate security and redundancy of their connectivity and data. No business ever predicts or expects disaster, but it does happen, every day. The best defense is a well-executed network security and data back-up regime.

Logical Net provides the solutions and the staff to provide various levels of service, including:

Logical Net has prepared a solution to meet the needs of your business today…and tomorrow.

Businesses of every size appreciate our dedicated professional service quality, pricing and service, but we've gone an extra step for you, the home-based and small business owner, by providing enterprise level software and solutions at a fraction of the cost.

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