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Innovative Communications and Computing Services for Small to Medium Size Enterprises

A New Generation of Business Tools
Hosted Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint

Widely available, low cost broadband networks enable new ways for Logical Net to deliver sophisticated communications and collaboration tools to smaller enterprises (tools that until now could only be afforded by Fortune 500 size companies). For example, we can now provide applications such as Microsoft Exchange® and SharePoint® to small businesses by hosting these applications on servers in a secure data center, then connecting users to the applications via a secure network. To the user, it’s as if the application is running on a computer in their office. However offering theses applications hosted on Logical Net’s servers has some important advantages to business owners:

  • No large upfront cost for software and hardware
  • No need to hire skilled technicians to install, support, and maintain the applications.
  • Powerful new applications can be up and running in hours

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