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Point to point

High speed leased line internet access for the Enterprise.

Logical Net ADSL, offers your business high-speed internet capabilities that traditionally have been available only to large companies with the reliability and high-speed features of dedicated leased lines without the cost.

A Leased Line is the most reliable and secure type of voice, video, fax or data internet connection available today. Leased lines are dedicated digital circuits connecting two fixed points across a private network.

Private point-to-point T1 services are ideal for companies that need to have tight control of their inter-office communications traffic. By deploying such point-to-point circuits, companies can fully prioritize the traffic for latency-sensitive applications, such as VoIP or video-conferencing, while allowing shared use for other traditional data applications. Such prioritization is not available with VPN links due to the shared nature of the Internet. By offering speeds in increments of 1.5 mbps, companies can scale up the needed network performance in cost-effective steps.

AT&T IP Flexible Reach allows organizations to handle local calls from multiple cities, including other states, and have them terminated in a single location. This is ideal for companies that want to have a centralized PBX to handle all voice communications for a geographically dispersed organization with multiple offices and/or telecommuters that need to have a seamless voice infrastructure. By delivering calls via VoIP technology instead of legacy TDM technologies (ISDN and T1), companies can take advantage of powerful redundancy techniques available for Internet connections to craft a fully fault-tolerant voice communications infrastructure. In addition, by leveraging VoIP delivery, easy scalability is achieved through the use of low-cost Internet lines. Such a solution is also ideal for hosting a company's entire PBX in a highly fault tolerant Internet data center.

Logical Net’s internet access solutions also include:

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