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Virtual Private Server - Server Virtualization

Benefit from the High Level Datacenter Performance, Reliability, Security, and Value

Logical Net promotes virtualization of enterprise-level network infrastructure, datacenter and internet access to small to medium businesses. Virtualization reduces IT complexity while dramatically reducing network infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Benefits of VPS server virtualization:

  • Highest reliability
    • Redundant and fault tolerant, Logical Net's virtual processors can instantly move to another hardware processor due to hardware failure or for additional processing power.
  • Automation to manage peak demand
    • VMware dynamically allocates additional processing power to each virtual processor as needed.
  • Isolation & Integrity
    • Virtual Private Servers are fully isolated from other servers.
  • VPS Security
    • Equal to, or exceeds, security of a dedicated server.
    • All the same security applications of a dedicated server.
  • VMware
    • Virtualization software promotes efficiency and security to each virtual server.
    • VMware's "bare-metal" virtualization leads the industry by providing enhanced virtual private server security and can be totally separated from all external network traffic
  • Green & Environmentally Conscious
    • Virtual server processors reduce energy consumption by using 80% less physical space and energy than individual dedicated servers.

By partitioning servers into multiple virtual servers with unmodified operating systems, each "VPS" is its own virtual processors, memory, networking, and storage. Logical Net's virtual private servers are created and managed by VMware virtualization software, the industry leader in virtual server networking and infrastructure management. VMware provides a software layer between the hardware and each operating system, creating multiple virtual processors running on a single physical server, requiring only 20% of processor's capacity, physical requirements and energy usage, typical to individual server environments.

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