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T1/T3 Connectivity

We are experiencing a breakneck growth in the interconnection of personal computers, terminals and telephones in the business environment. T1/T3technology is proving to be a cost-effective means of linking voice and data, both inter-office and intra-office, and serves as an alternative to high speed modems for data transport.

A: A T1 is a symmetrical connection, allowing for downloads and uploads of up to 1.5 Mbps – 30 times as fast as 56k dial-up. A single T1 connection can support dozens to hundreds of users, but speed and efficiency drops as more people use it simultaneously.

A: T3 connections are advanced versions of T1 and T2 broadband connections that provide high speed connectivity to large organizations as well as individual users. T3 connections consist of two receiving and two transmitting fiber optic cables that are capable of transmitting data at forty five megabits per second. T3 connections are best suited for organizations that need an affordable way of maintaining high speed connectivity within the organization and other entities such as customers, suppliers and government agencies.

A: Reliability is the primary concern when using DSL. On average, the uptime for DSL isn’t as good as it is with a T1 connection. Often service level agreements (SLAs) are not offered with DSL service. Even though a DSL connection can support many simultaneous users, it is not optimal for applications requiring a lot of bandwidth such as streaming video or larger files. The savings you may gain from using DSL can be offset by how much you compromise your critical business applications.

Benefits of Using T1/T3 lines:

  • Choice – Since more and more businesses are using T1 lines, its easy to find a great price for the service you need.
  • Cost Cutting- T1 lines are valuable to businesses because they can cut costs. You are using one T1 line instead of 24 regular ones, meaning huge savings you can use elsewhere.
  • Reliability – T1 is a digital transmission and less likely to signal loss and interference. Even when used for Internet access, a T1 line is much more reliable than an analog modem. Depending on the work, a T1 line can handle quite a few people.

Use T1 lines for

  • Local Services – Business Lines or Digital Local Trunks (Basic and/or DID)
  • Switched Long Distance (Outbound Long Distance)
  • Frame Relay Service
  • Integrated Internet ♦ Private IP Service
  • Metro Private Line (Lit Buildings Only)

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