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What is Hosted IT?

By maximizing the benefits of technology, daily, weekly and monthly IT tasks can be automated and scheduled to ensure all tasks are completed and reported consistently and without fail. We keep you informed by providing regular communication and executive reports covering the overall health of your computer network and the results of our services. All communication and issues associated with your users and systems is tracked, reported and retained for analytical, historical and audit purposes.

Our basic program includes:

  • End User Support Portal
  • Monthly Management Reports
  • Application Deployment
  • Application Addition and Change Notification
  • Hardware Change Notification
  • Security Log Monitoring
  • Application Log Monitoring
  • Bandwidth Usage Tracking
  • Asset Management
  • Report Generation
  • Remote Management
  • Document software and hardware changes
  • Security Patch Management
  • Backup Management
  • Reboot servers if needed
  • Monitor Active Directory replication
  • Monthly reports of work accomplished, work in progress, etc.
  • Monitor hard drive free space on server
  • Firmware Management
  • Service Monitoring and Notification
  • Event Log Monitoring

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